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  1. Sam's Choice Stuffed Crust 5 Meat Pizza, 31.8 oz
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  3. Sam's Choice Stuffed Crust 5 Meat Pizza, oz -

This year, Sam has launched in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai fresh, frozen, frozen food online shopping direct delivery service, and in more areas to promote. Although Sam is still in the initial stage of online shopping, but the customer feedback on this business are very positive, especially for large cities in congested traffic. Members of the annual fee hindrance. This is the traditional consumption habits and new members of the payment model of confrontation. In the Chinese market, almost every shopping place to take a consumer can apply for membership cards, loyalty points can also be regularly redeemed gifts, shops to attract more members to join.

The Sam Club, which requires RMB per year membership fee of the new model, with the traditional consumer habits in direct conflict, making this model can only be some high-level income to accept, which is currently more developed in China only City survival, and each city cannot accommodate too many stores the main reason. Most consumers still do not recognize this money to go into the concept of consumption, and hold the idea that consumers are not in the minority.

Collect RMB membership fee? There may have been enough for some families to visit the supermarket several times spent. Geographical location of the disadvantages. Area should be large enough, but also affordable enough to land, it is bound to select those away from the city center location.

Although cars are now popular as household tools, ordinary families still calculate the cost of a purchase on the road to compare the cost of shopping at a Sam store and the nearest choice of store to buy which is more affordable. Changes in consumer attitudes: Annual collection of fixed membership fees for early Chinese consumers is an incredible thing or a limited number of annual consumers shopping, membership fees are too high.

Consumers may be feels uneconomical. So in the early years, many supermarkets have to frequently reduce or cancel membership fees. But with the quality of life and increase revenue, consumers pay more attention to the quality of goods. At the same time, relative to the individual and the family income, the proportion of the membership fee has become less in comparatively speaking.

Therefore, the membership fees charged to consumers have become more acceptable. The amount of private car ownership increased: Private cars are very important for a warehouse supermarket, because the supermarket storage location remote, and most of the goods are bulk purchase.

If there is no private car, for consumers is very inconvenient. With the continuous increase of private car ownership in China, the way of storage supermarket will become a new way of living consumption. The average child will go out to rent a house full of age of But in China, this phenomenon is still common.

And culturally speaking, China is a very family oriented countries, they are more willing to share things and family. Why choose this product? Why choose this taste? Are they able to satisfy consumers to the maximum? It can be said that the correct choice of goods is the basis for the development of Sam store. First of all, the membership system is divided into individual membership and business membership. Individual membership can meet the requirement of family shopping. Any person holding an identity card or other valid documents may handle. Individual membership includes a main card and a family card.

Business membership can meet the commercial procurement needs and welfare. A business unit, institutions or groups for two sets of business membership, shall provide the business license or other registration certificate stamped copies of the application. Business membership includes a main card and a company card. Then, change of membership fee.

Sam's Choice Stuffed Crust 5 Meat Pizza, 31.8 oz

But the upgraded Sam members, free access to the following 3 preferential rights. From the original each product has a membership price to irregular super low membership goods.


So the members formed the habit of visiting for one or two weeks. Online accelerate shop, while Sam Club online also began to seek greater development abroad. The development of the following processes. The beginning of October , Sam members online shops in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and other regions, have launched fresh, chilled, frozen food, and provide two day delivery orders, morning day delivery online shopping service.

In later, fresh food online shopping direct delivery services also is promoted in more areas. Sam members can easily buy hundreds of kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs, fresh bread, chilled and frozen foods on the Sam website. In late April , Sam online store online frozen food opened in Shenzhen Futian, Nanshan major areas of online shopping direct delivery service. Online shopping can be achieved in the morning of frozen food orders in the afternoon served; orders at night, the next morning served.

At this point, Sam member online store has become the first in Shenzhen and Guangzhou to provide daily, department stores, fruits and vegetables, refrigeration and other food a station to buy, and can be a batch of shopping site. Internet search Sam member store download and install APP, you can understand the store information and commodity information anytime, anywhere.

Single member online shopping more convenient, but also in the mobile client query shopping records and often buy list, and get the latest discount information. At the end of December , Sam, member of online stores and shopping online UnionPay card online payment service. Beijing Daily reporter to view the kitchen App found that Sam flagship store goods currently only 41 kinds, including milk, red dates, biscuits, chocolate, etc.

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The latter will continue to increase to , with direct import and own brand products as members of Sam. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, the flagship store goods by Sam club Yizhuang shop pick goods, and then by third party logistics distribution, both sides of the background inventory data has been opened.

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  8. This is the second Sam launched online stores and mobile App, another new attempt in the electricity supplier. Currently, Sam member stores where the city has online shopping services, Sam App mobile client also officially released last year. Over the past year, Sam member store goods decreased by more than species, currently maintained within single product. Just opened Wuhan Sam shop, there are only kinds of goods. To eggs, for example, a year ago Sam member store this category has more than and 30 varieties, but now has been reduced to 11, while sales doubled.

    We can sell units a week. Wen Ande said: you can see, Wuhan Sam shop opened last year, compared with the Suzhou shop in all aspects of the promotion of the Sam. About display, Sam also imperceptibly changes. From the beginning of the Wuhan Sam store, after cold storage will also enter a new store every Sam in the cold storage area of square meters of construction directly in the store, is relatively independent, in addition to cold store entrances, three are shelves, all need strict preservation of goods directly displayed in the cold storage, shelf the staff after the sale of goods, the goods directly pushed finished replenishment from the freezer.

    Customer Reviews

    In addition, above the shelf height can be used as a store fresh storage space, greatly saving manpower and operating costs. In addition to the quality of change, this upgrade is also reflected in the pre packing of goods on. The new Wuhan Sam store, vegetable and fruit and meat fresh goods used a large number of pre packing forms, such as Xinjiang Karla pear, with 11 and 1. Sam member store product packing is line with wholesale color and large packaging components. If it can packing by drum it never use bottled.

    Its purpose is to make customer buy more, shopping once daily necessities can meet the needs for a long time.

    Sam's Choice Stuffed Crust 5 Meat Pizza, oz -

    Even the shopping cart is large, much larger than other supermarkets. In fact, prepackaged agricultural products are also common in other supermarkets, but the proportion is not large; most of the supermarket or a lot of fresh Duitou, used to meet customers pick and choose.

    The amount of each product is not small. Small fruit generally g, g as a pre-packaged weight, and large products are based on a fixed number, such as four a box, and then quantitative, such as 1.