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Wie stolz er nun steht auf der Zinne! Wie lachen ihm die Rosen der Wangen, da kindisch erstaunt in den einsamen Garten er blickt! Er wendet sich nach der Tiefe des Hintergrundes um. Schon am Werk? Den Zauber wusst' [kannt'] ich wohl, der immer dich wieder zum Dienst mir gesellt! Sich wieder nach aussen wendend Du da [dort], kindischer Spross, was auch Weissagung dich wies, zu jung und dumm fiel'st du in meine Gewalt; die Reinheit dir entrissen, bleib'st mir du zugewiesen!

They retreat licking their wounds! How little I grudge them!


May the whole brood [race] of knights destroy each other like this! How proudly he stands on the rampart!

Freddy Quinn - Wikiwand

How happily glow his rosy cheeks, as in childish amazement he looks down into the empty garden! He turns to the depths. About your business? That magic I know well, that binds you to serve me again! Looking out again You there, childish offspring; whatever might be foretold about you, you are falling under my control, young and stupid as you are; once deprived of your purity, you will belong to me!

"bald" English translation

He knows the prophecies about this wonder-child. He fears that he may have been summoned to deliver Anfortas and take his place with a power that cannot be overcome. He rapidly sinks from view with the entire tower; in its place appears the magic garden which fills the entire stage. All maidens: Hier was das Tosen!

e-book Komm bald wieder zu mir (German Edition)

Hier, hier! Wer ist der Frevler? Wo ist der Frevler? Auf zur Rache! Here was the uproar! Here, here! Angry cries! Who is the offender? Where is the offender? Arise to vengeance! The magic maidens or "flower maidens" were inspired by a number of different sources. For the women who once were flowers, Wagner's inspiration seems to have been the medieval poem Roman d'Alexandre.

It is also likely that he was thinking of a Christmas pantomime that he had seen at the Adelphi theatre in London, in which the chorus girls were dressed as flowers. Here the word Frevler which was applied to Parsifal already in act one is translated as "offender". It can also mean "transgressor", "miscreant" or "blasphemer". Later in the scene, Parsifal will call Kundry Frevlerin.

The ensemble of "flower maidens" consists of two groups each containing three solo singers and a double chorus of 1st, 2nd and 3rd soprano voices, which is again subdivided.

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All maidens: Wo sind uns're Liebsten? Drinnen im Saale! Wo sind uns're Liebsten? Wir sah'n sie im Saale. Wir sah'n sie mit blutender Wunde. Dort - dort! Seht ihn dort, seht ihn dort! Ich sah's! Where are our lovers? Inside the castle! We saw them in the castle. We saw them with bleeding wounds. Arise, to help! Who is our foe? They see Parsifal and point to him. There he stands! There - there! See him there, see him there!

I see him! O Weh'! Weh' ihm, der sie uns schlug! O woe! Woe to him who struck them down! All maidens: Weh! Du dort! Oh weh'! Was schufst du solche Not? Parsifal springt tiefer in den Garten herab. You there! What is the cause of this distress? Cursed, cursed shall you be! Parsifal jumps down into the garden. Bold one! Zu euch, ihr Holden, ja wehrten sie mir den Weg. You lovely children, should I not have fought them?

They barred the way to you, pretty ones. Never before have I seen such a handsome race: if I call you fair, don't you think I am right? The maidens, whose astonishment has changed to gaiety, break into hearty laughter. As Parsifal gradually approaches nearer to the excited groups, maidens of the first group and of the first chorus slip away unnoticed into the foliage to complete their floral decorations.

The maidens of the first group and of the first chorus return, during the following, now covered in flowers, looking like flowers themselves, and at once rush upon Parsifal. While those returning crowd around Parsifal, the maidens of the second group and of the second chorus quickly leave the scene, also to adorn themselves. Die Falschen!