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If you want to read the books, Joe Dever has generously given permission for Project Aon to post them legally for free on the web, so pay them a visit. They have the original, unabridged UK versions of the books, and I'm glad I can finally see the full adventures I missed out on by only buying the American editions. Mongoose Publishing started reprinting this series in summer According to their news item about it, "the story itself will be an extended 'director's cut' version, extensively rewritten by Joe Dever himself", and the previously unpublished volumes were supposed to be printed as well.

Unfortunately, as of early , they no longer had the publishing rights, and according to this Project Aon post , Joe Dever has the rights and is seeking to completing the collector's series started by Mongoose. I guess we'll have to see where this goes. For additional information on this series, try Lone Wolf on Wikipedia. YOU are Lone Wolf. In a devastating attack the Darklords have destroyed the monastery where you were learning the skills of the Kai Lords.

YOU are the sole survivor. Now you must choose special skills, select weapons and then begin the game, where you make the decisions and fight in combat using the unique number system. You vow to seek revenge against the evil forces. You must reach Holmgard to warn the King of the gathering evil. The servants of darkness relentlessly hunt you across your country and every turn of the page presents a new challenge.

Make your decisions carefully -- for they can help you succeed in the most fantastic and terrifying journey of your life. If you survive you may use your skills and weapons in further adventures! Bitter war rages through your homeland as the evil Darklords of the west lay seige to the capital. The King has commanded you to retreive the only power in Magnamund that can save your people: the Sommerswerd, the sword of the sun. Ahead of you lie ferocious seastorms, the tunnel of Tamalin, and the ghostly death-hulks of Vonotar the Traitor.

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You must choose your skills and weapons wisely -- for only you can save your land from the devastation of the Darklords. Shocking news has just reached your homeland that Vonotar the Traitor still lives and now rules over the Ice Barbarians of Kalte. The King has vowed to your people that Vonotar will be brought to justice for his crimes. But it is a promise that only you can fulfill. You must brave the terrible dangers of the ice kingdom in your quest to capture your most hated foe. But be warned! It is a challenge that will test your skill and endurance to the very limit.

Choose your skills and weapons carefully. When a shipment of gold from the mining province of Ruanon suddenly vanishes, the King dispatches a patrol of his best cavalry to investigate the suspected theft. They do not return. You are sent to recover the missing gold and locate the lost patrol.

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But you soon discover that it is a mission of direful consequence -- for the fate of your country is at stake! A voyage to Vassagonia promise an end to the shadow of war. But hopes are soon shattered upon your arrival at Barrakeesh -- a city full of treachery and death. You are the prey of a sinister foe, who is determined to kill you at all costs.

Yet you must persevere in the quest for a lost Sommlending treasure. Choose your skills and weapons carefully, for you are risking your life to win a treasure that contains the secret of your destiny! Civil war rages in Helgedad where your mortal enemies -- the Darklords -- struggle for control of the Black City. You have vowed to restore the Kai to their former glory and now seek the Lorestone of Varetta, a treasure that holds the power and wisdom of your warrior ancestors. You follow the path of the first Kai Grand Master, a path that takes you deep into hostile lands.

But your quest is a race against time, for the Darklords will be hot on your heels as soon as they have crushed the unrest in their city. You must make haste! Choose your skills and weapons with care -- the future of your country depends on it! If you survive, you may use them in further adventures! As Kai Master you have vowed to restore Sommerlund and its people to their former glory. Your quest takes you to the strange and fabulous land of Dessi, a world of monsters, demons, and magicians. And, while the powerful sorcerers of Dessi have pledged to help you, they demand a price.

But can a sorcerer's might protect you once you enter Castle Death? Inside likes the key to the wisdom of your ancestors. Though beware, for evil stalks the dungeons of the accursed fortress. The key to your forefathers' vengeance lies in the terrible jungle swamps of Danarg.

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There, you must seek the Lorestone of Ohrido, despite the horrors which luck in the foul depths. Guided by a warrior-magician, you set off across the war-torn lands of Talestria on a secret mission. But your quest is endangered when your identity is revealed -- by agents of the Darklords!

Can you survive the assassins of Gnaag, the armies of the Warlord Zagron, and the chaos-creatures of Agarash the Damned? Will you fall pret to their evil schemes. Your bravery and skill have won you many honor.

Michael McFarland (Author of Let's Scare Cancer to Death)

Your quest is the last hope of your people. Word of your adventures has reached the King himself, who has bestowed on you the raqnk of general in the Sommlending army. But your quest continues, even as the Darklords redouble their reign of blood terror. The next step of your Magnakai quest leads to the Tahou Cauldron, the portal through which you must pass to enter the ancient metropolis.

But even as you approach the city, the Darklord's armored legions lie in wait for your arrival. As Kai Master you have faced many dangers, but none like that which stands before you now. The last words of an escaped prisoner of the Darklords spoke of three gems held in the infamous Dungeons of Torgar.

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They radiate such goodness that the Darklord cannot bear them. His sorcerers work furiously for a means to destroy these gems. It is your mission to recover them, for they are the last remaining Lorestones and the final hope for the Magnakai. You must travel to the city of Eru, from where Prince Graygor will help you reach the fearful Drakkarim strongold of Torgar. But be swift.

For each moment that passes, the Darklord's sorcerers come closer to accomplishing their evil task. You are a hair breadth away from completing your mission to reassemble the lost treasure of Sommerlund.

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The two remaining Lorestones are nearly in your grasp when your arch-enemy Darklord Gnaag sends you plummeting through a portal of eternal night, into the black abyss of the Daziarn Plane. Never has your destiny been more in doubt. Can you escape the demonic dungeons of this supernatural void? To restore the Kai of their centuries-old power, you must recover the mystical energy of the Lorestones.

But before you can save the Kai, you must first ensure your own survival and defeat Gnaag's lurking minions of evil. Only then may you hope to exit the Shadow Gate and flee its yawning cavern of doom. If you survive you may use your weapons and skills in your final adventure. Upon your triumphant return from the twilight world of Daziarn, you discover your mortal enemies -- the Darklords of Helgedad -- are poised to conquer all of Magnamund.

Your mission is yo journey to the infernal city of Helgedad, to the very heart of the Darklords' evil empire. There you must confront the Darklord Gnaag, Archlord of the Black City, in a battle that will determine the future of your entire world. Choose your skills and weapons with care -- if you survive, you will have met the ultimate challenge that awaits you in this exciting and terrifying climax to the Lone Wolf Saga. Sole survivor of the Order of Kai, you have defeated the Darklords of Helgedad and avenged your ancestors.

But now you must battle a silent and sinister killer. The evil Cener Druids of Ruel plan to release a deadly plague virus that will destroy all but their own kind. And only you can stop them. Don't miss the other Lone Wolf adventures! The international bestselling Series -- more than 7 million copies sold worldwide! In the isolated city of Kaag, the broken armies of the Darklords of Helgedad take refuge, doomed warriors exiled from Mangamund. Now you must venture into the black heart of Kaag, to battle a deadly force stirring deep within its dungeons.

You alone hold the power to free your friend Banedon from the evil power which commands this fortress of nightmares. If you survive. Gamebook of the Year award winner.