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  2. UK perfume shops hope new Chanel fragrance can mask foul sales
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Recent releases include Journeys , Wild West Women's clothing chain. The first store was opened in ; today, there are over stores, including those operated under the names Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor Factory. Best known for their home fragrances. Antica Farmacista was established in Italy in the early s, and is currently owned by two Americans. They have a line of personal and home fragrances, including the popular Vaniglia, Mandarino e Bourbon. Where to buy: Online at b-glowing and Beautyhabit. A list of retailers is also available on the Antica Farmacista website.

Perfume line founded by Antonia Bellanca, who established a florist's shop in East Hampton in and eventually decided she wanted to "capture the scent of her shop in a bottle". The first fragrance, Antonia's Flowers, appeared in ; the line now also includes Floret and Tiempe Passate. Recent releases include Sogni del Mare , Rokka Spanish actor whose fragrance line is produced under arrangements with Puig Beauty.

Agonist Parfums Arctic Jade, Vanilla Marble, Onyx Pearl & Black Amber ~ new fragrances

Website: Antonio Banderas. All natural perfume house established in by Anya McCoy , the founder of naturalperfumery. Their first fragrance, the cult favorite IF, was launched in , and was followed by Velvet Rope in and L Eau de Parfum in Recent releases include Pearl , Bronzed ? Where to buy: at the website, or at one of the 2 boutiques in Los Angeles, or at Barneys in New York.

UK perfume shops hope new Chanel fragrance can mask foul sales

In London, try Harvey Nichols. See Miriam Mirani. Aquolina is an offshoot of the Italian cosmetics company Selectiva. They introduced their first perfume, the very popular Pink Sugar , in Chocolovers and Blue Sugar for men were launched in Where to buy: online at Sephora and at selected online fragrance discounters. Personal fragrances were introduced in with Pomegranate and Grapefruit. Website: Archipelago Botanicals. See Giorgio Armani.

Where to buy: at Indiescents , Luckyscent or Miomia ; a complete list of retailers is available on the Aroma M website. Niche line established in by architect and designer Carlos Huber. See also: review of St.

Regis Caroline's Four Hundred room spray. In , Arquiste developed two fragrances for retail chain J. Crew, No.

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New releases include Boutonniere no. Website: Artemisia Natural Perfume. You can read a description of the initial 7 fragrances here ; also see review of no. Website: Art of Perfumery website no longer active. The original Aspen fragrance for men was launched in The brand is now owned by Coty and has two fragrances for men, Aspen and Aspen Discovery, and one for women, Aspen Sensation. Where to buy: drugstores and mass market chain stores, or at online fragrance discounters. British luxury goods house established in One unisex fragrance, Asprey Purple Water, introduced in British brand originally established in French niche line established in by Catherine Fructus and specializing in perfumes, herbal products and home fragrances.

Handcrafted perfumes by California-based perfumer Serena Ava Franco. In addition to ready-made perfumes, Ava Luxe has custom perfume services and a line of vintage "dupes". Recent releases include Madame X , Shisa , No. Line of hair care, body and skin products founded in , and now owned by Estee Lauder. See review for Aveda Shampure candle. Line of all-natural perfumes first established in as Quinta Essentia.

Perfumer Ayala Sender has over 70 ready-made perfumes available, and a custom perfume service is available on request. The fragrances are created under licensing arrangements with Coty. The label was acquired by Escada in and is currently owned by The Iconix Group formerly Candie's. Fragrances were introduced in with Badgley Mischka , followed by Fleurs de Nuit in ; Couture in A new version of Badgley Mishka launched in High-end men's fashion line established in the s under Hugo Boss chairman Werner Baldessarini.

LUBIN® - Parfumeur depuis - Boutique en Ligne Officielle

The Baldessarini brand name was sold in Website: Baldessarini Fragrances. Casual clothing chain owned by Gap, Inc. Franco-Vietnamese fashion designer based in Paris. One fragrance, Barbara Bui Le Parfum , introduced in and later discontinued. Their first and only collection was Coco Monoi , introduced in and discontinued in California based fashion chain established in Fragrances are currently produced under arrangements with InterParfums; the first fragrance with InterParfums was in with Bebe Eau de Parfum two earlier scents from the s are now discontinued.

Fragrances were introduced in with Be. Golden Amber followed in Fragrances were introduced in with Maybe Baby. Perfume house established in Toulouse in , and best known for their Violettes de Toulouse See Creative Universe. American fashion designer who opened her first boutique in Her first scent, Betsey Johnson, launched in , and was followed by Ultra in Both were produced in-house rather than under licensing arrangements.

Her first widely distributed fragrance, also called Betsey Johnson , debuted in under arrangements with Colorful Licenses. Hamburg-based niche perfume house established in by Thorstein Biehl, and styled as a "free space for perfume artists who can present their extraordinary creations to an audience". All of the fragrances are limited edition. See reviews for eo01 and pc Recent launches include gs03 Menswear and jewelry designer Bijan Pakzad founded his business in Beverly Hills in The boutique was open by appointment only, and was advertised as the most expensive menswear store in the world.

Bijan passed away in Moreover, like ambergris, the resin could be burned as an incense. The resin's most popular use was, however, for ornamentation—easily cut and polished, it could be transformed into beautiful jewelry. Much of the most highly prized amber is transparent, in contrast to the very common cloudy amber and opaque amber.

Opaque amber contains numerous minute bubbles. This kind of amber is known as "bony amber". Although all Dominican amber is fluorescent, the rarest Dominican amber is blue amber. It turns blue in natural sunlight and any other partially or wholly ultraviolet light source.

In long-wave UV light it has a very strong reflection, almost white. Sometimes amber retains the form of drops and stalactites , just as it exuded from the ducts and receptacles of the injured trees. Amber can be classified into several forms. Most fundamentally, there are two types of plant resin with the potential for fossilization. Terpenoids , produced by conifers and angiosperms , consist of ring structures formed of isoprene C 5 H 8 units. The extinct medullosans produced a third type of resin, which is often found as amber within their veins.

This class is by far the most abundant. It comprises labdatriene carboxylic acids such as communic or ozic acids.

enter Classes Ia and Ib utilize regular labdanoid diterpenes e. The aromatic and irritating fumes emitted by burning amber are mainly due to this acid. Baltic amber is distinguished by its yield of succinic acid, hence the name succinite. Succinite has a hardness between 2 and 3, which is rather greater than that of many other fossil resins.

Its specific gravity varies from 1. IR spectroscopy can detect the relative age of an amber sample. Succinic acid may not be an original component of amber, but rather a degradation product of abietic acid. Like class Ia ambers, these are based on communic acid; however, they lack succinic acid. This class is mainly based on enantio -labdatrienonic acids, such as ozic and zanzibaric acids. Dominican amber differentiates itself from Baltic amber by being mostly transparent and often containing a higher number of fossil inclusions. This has enabled the detailed reconstruction of the ecosystem of a long-vanished tropical forest.

It is not " succinite " but " retinite ". These ambers are formed from resins with a sesquiterpenoid base, such as cadinene. These ambers are polystyrenes. Class IV is something of a wastebasket; [ clarification needed ] its ambers are not polymerized, but mainly consist of cedrene -based sesquiterpenoids. Class V resins are considered to be produced by a pine or pine relative.

They comprise a mixture of diterpinoid resins and n -alkyl compounds. Their main variety is Highgate copalite.

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The oldest amber with arthropod inclusions comes from the Levant, from Lebanon and Jordan.